Developing for performance,
Engineering for ease.

I'm a design-minded front-end developer with a passion for building engaging, pixel-perfect experiences.


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I'm currently developing as a front-end architect for Dispute Bills. I also work with  MBI Staffing, leading design initiatives and aiding with technical operations and web development.

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Front-End Developer

I'm a front-end developer with experience in styling + markup languages, and JavaScript frameworks.

Frameworks & Tools

  • Wordpress, Drupal
  • Bootstrap, Foundation
  • jQuery
  • Gulp, Grunt, Webpack
  • React
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Git, GitHub

Clean, Concise

I’m a major proponent of code readability and organization. It's about building something efficiently, not hastily. Readable, modular code leads to easier maintainability and fewer bugs. Which in the end, is just as important as meeting a deadline.

Knowledge is Power

New and awesome techology are continually being introduced. Learning a new framework or library isn't just about staying on the cutting edge, it's about the new experience that you're able to build with it.



  • HTML5, Haml, Jade
  • CSS3, Sass, Scss
  • JavaScript, CoffeeScript
  • PHP
  • Python

User Interface Engineer

I'm a design-minded engineer passionate about implementing the experience of a design in its best possible form.

Measure. Learn. Build.

Understanding how a user interacts with a product through analytics tools and making data-driven decisions is essential. Narrowing down areas with the most opportunity means developing features that really pack a punch.


All Things Considered

There's more that goes into an interface than just making it look nice. Things like client constraints and use cases need to be taken into consideration. A product that's tailor-made is always more effective than any pre-made template.


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Wordpress
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Hubspot
  • Google Analytics

Develop for Performance

The technology used to produce a product is easily forgotten, but the feeling you invoke in a user is what lasts. A performant, empathetic experience is far more powerful than any animation library or templating engine.

Track Record

I help lead front-end development at companies, and mentor high school classes in frontend development, blogging, and marketing.


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Bootstrap Theme Me Homepage
The platform's main landing and login page

Bootstrap Genesis Framework
Makes responsive grid + panel layouts possible for the Wordpress Genesis Framework

Gravity Forms Ready Class Selector
Build Resposnive Forms with Wordpress Gravity Forms

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